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Theodore Harris
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Love And Hip Hop Miami S01E07

On the season premiere, Da Brat opens-up about her sexuality and blooming love life with the new lady in her life, and Waka Flocka fumes as his mother Deb raves over her die-hard support for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Bow Wow >>

Love And Hip Hop Miami S01E07

Yung Joc says that he has taken a backseat from dealing with Karlie in the aftermath of his double date, but Tommie has showed up to show his support for him during one of his performances. Jessica Dime feels that she's in the middle of Karlie, Tommie and Joc's love triangle. She wants to know the status of their relationship. Joc and Tommie both insist that they're just enjoying each other's company, but they don't need to explain themselves because they're both single. When Joc mentions Treasure, Tommie is less than kind, expressing her disdain for her newfound enemy and vowing to teach her a lesson. She also invites Joc to her wine tasting she's having, an invitation which Joc accepts.

Adalind hears this and slaps Monroe, and Monroe tells her to stay away from him. Nick and Eve arrive just then and Eve struggles to hug Nick while Monroe tries to get to the love of his life, Eve. (This must have been a fun dynamic for the Grimm stars to play!) Nick and Monroe get in a fight while Adalind tries to get to Monroe and Eve tries to grab Nick. Rosalee watches, confused, from a few feet away. 350c69d7ab


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