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Theodore Harris
Theodore Harris

Grace Jones - Ive Seen That Face Before (12 Version)

When the Cosmos' playoff match against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers drew 77,691, as opposed to the paltry 21,472 who turned out to watch the Yankees, it was as if a seismic shift had occurred in American sports. Soccer, the game once reserved for "commie pansies," had become the chic sport to be seen at. Led by Ross, cheerleader-in-chief, the celebrity posse, often with their children in tow, would be allowed to enter the Cosmos locker room 20 minutes before the doors were flung open to the working press. I will never forget the day my path to Pelé's cubicle was blocked by a jock-sniffing scrum that included the Holy Trinity of soccer groupies — Jagger, Frampton and Kissinger. Jostled by a shove from the back of the mob, I lurched forward, nearly knocking Kissinger into Pelé's lap. Although I was tempted to say, "That's for Cambodia," I simply muttered, "Sorry, Henry, I'm on deadline."

Grace Jones - Ive Seen That Face Before (12 Version)

The results show that this mHealth intervention, developed using evidence-based approaches, is associated with higher health care costs than face-to-face pediatric weight management. The design of the trial was such that all adolescents attended face-to-face treatment before randomization to either the digital or face-to-face maintenance phase; therefore, this partially digital intervention arm incurred appointment and mHealth costs. The sensitivity analysis results demonstrated that if rolled out to a larger number of users, the main driver of the costs for the mHealth arm is the staff cost related to HCP monitoring and support on a weekly basis. If the mHealth service were to be automated, it could be to reduce these costs; however, further studies would be required to explore the clinical impact of delivering the mHealth service to this clinical population with inputs from less-experienced clinical staff or via increased automation and the associated ethical considerations. 041b061a72


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