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In the Mayan pantheon, Quetzacoatl, which literally translates into "feathered serpent", was a peaceful and powerful god. His rival Tezcatlipoca, a warrior god synonym of evil, was plotting to overrule his adversary and bring a new order consisting of violence and chaos. With a subtle stratagem based on the practice of black magic, Tezcatlipoca tempted the virtuous Quetzacoatl into sin by drunkenness and sensuality. For a while at least, Tezcatlipoca had won the battle for power. His victory didn't last for long though, as Quetzacoatl finally overcame him, and imprisoned the malevolent god into an obsidian mirror, later named the "smoking mirror". The priests of Quetzacoatl then built a pyramid and entombed the mirror in a secret chamber within the heart of the edifice, hoping it would definitely seal the fate of the fallen god. Then, Quetzacoatl left to the East, but promised to return one day. It is his return that the Aztec king Moctezua was waiting for in 1519, after a series of climatic catastrophes had devastated his land by bringing starvation upon his people. Were these a sign of Quetzacoatl's triumphal return, or on the contrary of Tezcatlipoca's liberation from his prison as the ancient prophecies were predicting? To prevent a potential return of the blood-thirsty deity, the priests came up with a solution to destroy him for good. Three perfectly polished mirrors in obsidian would reflect the negative power of the god upon himself which should be enough to eliminate him. Unfortunately, as the priests were escorting the mirrors to the pyramid, they were attacked by the Conquistadors who just had started their brutal invasion. With the three mirrors now in the hands of the Conquistadors, the ingenious plan to prevent the return of the lord of darkness was no longer feasible. From now on, days were counted. No matter how many years, decades or centuries would pass until that fateful instant, Tezcatlipoca's return was unavoidable unless...

Download Broken Sword 2 The Smoking Mirror PC G...



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