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Buy Slate Chalkboard

Large Sizes for an extra low price! This duro-slate chalkboard is framed in your choice of anodized aluminum or oak wood and features a full-length chalk accessory tray. Choose from black or green (recommended) chalkboard surface. Large sizes for the classroom are available.

buy slate chalkboard


For centuries, the slate chalkboard has been an educational tool around the world. Made of a natural stone in a wood frame, slate chalkboards are useful for many purposes in school, in the home, or in a business setting. There are several factors to consider before selecting a slate chalkboard.

Used in education for many years, a chalkboard is a smooth piece of slate, a natural dark gray or black stone with a flat, slightly rough surface. To make a chalkboard, a piece of slate is placed inside a durable wood frame such as poplar for easier handling. A frame also provides durability to the slate piece. Because the slate is slightly rough, it provides a gritty surface to write on with chalk or modern-day gypsum. Some slate chalkboards are made for individual use. Designed to be handheld, slates are often about the size of a piece of lined notebook paper. Chalkboards may be larger and wall-mounted for classroom use.

Classic slate blackboards can suggest memories of childhood. Chalkboards may form an element of home or kitchen decor. Use chalkboards to advertise daily specials and to add to a restaurant's ambiance or just to display the week's meal plan at home. Finally, chalkboards may be useful for period recreation, theater sets, or historical research.

Manufacturer of slate blackboards. Slate blackboards are made from natural hand quarried, split & dressed rock & runs to the blue/grey sky-color tone blends. Variations of the blue-grey tones produce solid color patterns or multicolored patterns of lay.

Waterproof, fireproof, and extremely durable, slate has been used for generations in roofing tiles, laboratory counters, billiard tables, and of course, the chalkboard. It is easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, and darn handsome.

Simply mounting a piece of slate to your wall might not be the DIY hack you were hoping for- but finding a unique location or application transforms the obvious to the ingenious. We love the idea of fully utilizing the temporary nature of chalk as an opportunity to update your walls on a whim or avoid permanent markings from wee aspiring designers.

A blackboard (also known as a chalkboard) is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with sticks of calcium sulphate or calcium carbonate, known, when used for this purpose, as chalk. Blackboards were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone.

A blackboard can simply be a board painted with a dark matte paint (usually black, occasionally dark green).[1] Matte black plastic sign material (known as closed-cell PVC foamboard) is also used to create custom chalkboard art.[2] Blackboards on an A-frame are used by restaurants and bars to advertise daily specials.[3]

The scratching of fingernails on a blackboard, as well as other pointed, especially metal objects against blackboards, produces a sound that is well known for being extremely irritating to most people.[10] According to a study run by Michael Oehler, a professor at the University of Cologne, Germany, humans are "predisposed to detest" the sound of nails on a blackboard.[11] The findings of the study were presented at the Acoustical Society of America conference and support earlier findings from a 1986 study by Vanderbilt psychologist Randolph Blake and two colleagues found that the sound of nails on a chalkboard annoyed people even when the high-pitch frequencies were removed. The study earned Blake a 2006 Ig Nobel Prize.[12]

The use of blackboard did change methods of education and testing, as found in the Conic Sections Rebellion of 1830 in Yale.[18]Manufacturing of slate blackboards began by the 1840s.[4] Green porcelain enamel surface, was first used in 1930, and as this type of boards became popular, the word "chalkboard" appeared.[4] In the US green porcelain enamelled boards started to appear at schools in 1950s.[19]

The spectacular pairing of slate and acacia wood elevates this wine flight board above all others. Four aligned cutouts hold one glass each of your signature chardonnay or Bordeaux, while a smooth tapered handle ensures ease of transport from cellar to tasting room.

The 4" x 6" Slate Chalkboard helps children learn to write capitals and numbers without reversals. Use Little Chalk Bits to foster finger dexterity and good pencil grip. The smiley face at the top left corner reinforces top-to-bottom, left-to-right directionality. Made of real slate.

Many types of stone are suitable for creating an attractive countertop, and this includes slate. While an unusual method of obtaining slate, if you have access to some old-fashioned real slate chalkboards, or can score some at your local architectural salvage yard, you can easily take advantage of their already-smoothed surfaces to make some environmentally-friendly, do-it-yourself slate countertops. Slate is relatively easy to work with, especially compared to other kinds of stone, and with a little work you can have attractive custom countertops that require little maintenance.

Slate is a relatively soft stone and you most likely won't need any special tools to cut your countertop. A ordinary circular saw with a diamond blade can cut slate, and if you need to make curves or cut openings for sinks or similar, a jigsaw is also suited for slate. You must use care when cutting slate, however, as it is brittle. You can use a chisel to make modifications or to chip out small areas or to finish incomplete cuts.

While a chalkboard should already be fairly smooth and flat, you may need to remove some scratches or file off evidence of it's previous life in the school room. A standard palm or belt sander can take care of these easily. Use a fine grit for polishing your work. You may need to dampen the chalkboard to combat dust, and always wear a mask to prevent yourself from inhaling the slate dust. You can also buff out small scratches with some fine steel wool.

Slate does not polish well, but you should seal it to protect your new countertop and give it a clean, finished look. Mineral oil and tung oil are food-safe if the chalkboard is destined to become a kitchen countertop, but the finish needs recoating over time. You can also use a few coats of a water-based clear polyurethane to protect your countertop. These come in different levels of gloss; a low gloss will look more rustic and natural, while a high gloss has an attractive "wet" look.

Slate is typically low maintenance. Regardless of the finish you choose, you can clean the countertop safely with ordinary soap and water, and can use a stronger household cleaner, as well. If the countertop develops scratches, these can be buffed out with some dampened fine steel wool. Green chalkboards tend to stain less easily than black or gray ones, and so you may need to take more care with maintaining the protective finish of these types of slate.

Have your own bespoke design laser engraved onto Welsh Slate to create unique home accessories or the perfect gift for any occasion, with our easy-to-use online design feature. You can also design Welsh slate house signs, trophies and memorials.

Pay tribute to your loved ones with a slate memorial plaque. Our memorial plaques and grave plaques are handcrafted and engraved in our workshop from high-quality thick Welsh slate. Design your personalised memorial plaque using our easy-to-use online design tool - with free text engraving included.

If you are looking for beautiful handmade gift, then you can't go wrong with one our personalised candles. All of our candles are hand poured using natural soy wax. Each candle includes a Welsh slate lid which can be engraved with your own special message.

A personalised slate clock will make a real statement in any home. Handcrafted in Wales using the finest Welsh slate, each clock can be engraved with your own message to make a unique piece of home-ware or a gift for any occasion.

Personalise a Welsh slate hanging sign or heart to create a unique piece of home-ware suitable for any home. Let your imagination run free and create a bespoke piece for your own home or a gift for someone who already has everything!

Handmade in Wales, these personalised photo frames are meticulously hand cut from the finest Welsh slate. Perfect for celebrating special memories - perhaps a wedding shot, a new baby photo or just your favourite family snap.

Handcrafted in Wales, a Welsh slate memo board can be used for decorative and practical purposes. Not only do they make great chalk boards, engrave it with your favourite quote or a special message to create a bespoke piece of home decor!

When it comes to practical gifts with a personal touch, our Welsh slate tableware are perfect. They can be laser engraved with special messages, names, dates or motifs to create special, personalised gifts which will stand the test of time.

We understand that your love story is unique - and so too should be your Wedding. That's why all of our Welsh slate wedding favours, keepsakes and table plans can be engraved to your own bespoke design, to suit the style of your big day.

First impressions count so why not update your home with one of our quality Welsh slate house signs? With over 20 designs to choose from as well as the option to personalise your door sign or number, prices start at just 28.95.

Enjoy our wide range of Welsh slate gifts, homeware products, and Welsh wedding gifts. All our slate products are designed and handcrafted by us in our Llansamlet workshop. At Valley Mill, we only use the finest Welsh slate from Blaenau Ffestiniog, which is 500 million years in the making.

Browse a unique range of Welsh slate wine racks, the perfect statement piece to organise and store your favourite wines. All our slate stone wine bottle holders and racks are handmade in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales, making them completely individual. 041b061a72


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