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Runner Dino: Tips and Tricks to Master the Chrome T-Rex Game

Runner Dino: A Fun and Educational Game for Everyone

Have you ever experienced losing your internet connection and seeing a black dinosaur on your browser? If you have, then you have probably played Runner Dino, a simple but addictive game that can keep you entertained even when you are offline. But did you know that this game is not only fun, but also good for your brain and health? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Runner Dino, including what it is, how to play it, why it is beneficial, and how to make it more challenging and enjoyable.

What is Runner Dino?

Runner Dino is a free, endless runner game that is built into the Google Chrome browser. It was created by Google developers in 2014 as a way to provide users with a distraction when there is no internet connection. The game features a cute T-Rex dinosaur that runs through a desert, avoiding cacti and pterodactyls along the way. The game gets faster and harder as you progress, testing your reflexes and concentration.

runner dino


To start the game, you can simply type chrome://dino/ in the address bar. The game will open even if you are connected to the internet, so there is no need to disconnect. You can also play the game on other browsers and devices by visiting websites that host the game online .

The control of the game is very simple: when you see the black dinosaur on your browser, just hit the space bar or tap on the screen to make it jump. You can also use the up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to duck. The objective is to survive as long as possible without hitting any obstacle.

Why is Runner Dino Good for You?

Playing games can have positive effects and benefits, when played in moderation. Some of the most notable positive effects of gaming include:

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  • Improved cognitive abilities

  • Improved problem-solving skills and logic

  • Increased hand-to-eye coordination

  • Greater multi-tasking ability

  • Faster and more accurate decision-making

  • Enhanced prosocial behaviors

In addition, playing games can enhance your memory, improve your eyesight, boost your coordination, help you make better decisions, reduce stress, and help with depression .

Runner Dino is a game that can offer many of these benefits, especially for your memory, attention, multitasking, and eyesight. Here are some of the specific benefits of playing Runner Dino:

  • It strengthens your memory and attention by requiring you to remember details and focus on multiple stimuli at once.

  • It trains you to multi-task by making you jump or duck while running at increasing speed.

  • It betters your eyesight by improving your contrast sensitivity, which is the ability to distinguish different shades of gray.

  • It reduces stress and boredom by providing you with a fun and engaging activity when there is no internet.

  • It educates you about dinosaurs by featuring realistic graphics and sounds of a T-Rex and other prehistoric creatures.

How to Make Runner Dino More Challenging and Enjoyable?

If you want to spice up your Runner Dino experience, there are some ways to make it more challenging and enjoyable. Here are some of them:



How to Activate


The default mode of the game, with a desert background and a black dinosaur.

No need to activate, just start the game.


A special mode for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with a track and field background and a dinosaur wearing a medal and shoes.

Run into a torch in the normal mode to activate.


A mode that changes the background to dark and the dinosaur to white, simulating night time.

It occurs randomly after 700 points in the normal mode.


A mode that celebrates the anniversary of the game, with a cake and party hats on the screen.

It occurs on September 27, the birthday of Google Chrome.

Squid Game

A mode that is inspired by the popular Netflix series Squid Game, with a red light green light background and a doll watching over the dinosaur.

Type chrome://dino-squid-game/ in the address bar to activate.


A mode that pays homage to the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros., with a pixelated background and a dinosaur wearing a red cap and blue overalls.

Type chrome://dino-mario/ in the address bar to activate.


A mode that transforms the dinosaur into a giant lizard-like monster that can breathe fire and destroy buildings.

Type chrome://dino-godzilla/ in the address bar to activate.


A mode that turns the dinosaur into the Dark Knight, with a bat suit and a bat signal in the sky.

Type chrome://dino-batman/ in the address bar to activate.

JokerA mode that makes the dinosaur look like the archenemy of Batman, with green hair, white face, and a purple suit.Type chrome://dino-joker/ in the address bar to activate.SantaA mode that dresses up the dinosaur as Santa Claus, with a red hat, beard, and sack of presents.Type chrome://dino-santa/ in the address bar to activate.HalloweenA mode that adds spooky elements to the game, such as pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons.Type chrome://dino-halloween/ in the address bar to activate.WednesdayA mode that references the meme of Wednesday Frog, with a green background and a frog saying \"It is Wednesday my dudes\".Type chrome://dino-wednesday/ in the address bar to activate.Besides trying out different modes, you can also use some tips and tricks to improve your performance and score in Runner Dino. Here are some of them:To make your dinosaur jump higher or lower, you can press or release the space bar or up arrow key accordingly. This can help you avoid obstacles more precisely.To make your dinosaur duck longer or shorter, you can press or release the down arrow key accordingly. This can help you pass under pterodactyls more easily.To pause or resume the game, you can press or release the Alt key. This can help you take a break or plan your next move.To hack the game and make your dinosaur invincible, you can open Chrome's DevTools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and select the Console tab. Then paste this command: var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver; Runner.prototype.gameOver = function () ;. This will disable the game over function and let you run forever. To restore the original function, paste this command: Runner.prototype.gameOver = original;.If you are curious about Runner Dino and want to learn more about it, here are some fun facts and trivia about dinosaurs and Runner Dino:

  • Dinosaurs were distantly related to crocodiles. Crocodiles, pterosaurs, mosasaurs, ichthyosaurs, and dinosaurs all have a few things in common. Theyre all reptiles, to start with, but its more than that. They all evolved from one common group of ancestors, the archosaurs, between 250 to 200 million years ago.

  • The name "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard" in Greek, but dinosaurs were not lizards at all. They were a separate group of reptiles with a distinct upright posture not found in lizards.

The largest dinosaur eggs ever found were as big as b


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