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Castle BEST

We hope the website provides an enjoyable and interactive experience summarising the magnificence of Inveraray Castle and the surrounding area. Of course, we cannot hope to bring you the full magic of the castle but hope you will be inspired to visit us soon.


A century ago, pieces from a 400-year-old English castle were shipped around the horn from England to the Pacific Northwest. These pieces were used to completely rebuild and recreate an authentic traditional English Tudor Gothic castle right here in America.

The tour guides will provide you with a 45-minute tour and narrative of the historic structure. Visitors will be treated to four floors filled with furnishings and artifacts original to the castle. You will see the entrances to many of the secret passages, and of course speculate on their purpose. There are 80 steps up from the Great Hall, so wear your walking shoes!

We need to continue to raise funds to stabilize and prevent further damage to the beautiful castle ruins. Attending a performance or event at Bannerman Castle is a fun way to support the preservation efforts of Bannerman Island!

An extremely interesting place to visit! The tour included a lovely boat ride on the Hudson River and a guided tour of Pollepel Island and Bannerman's Castle. Unfortunately, we could not enter Bannerman's Castle due to the current fragile state of the castle. Bannerman's Castle is gradually deteriorating due to severe weather conditions. I highly suggest going soon because who knows what will be left of Bannerman's Castle in ten to twenty years from now.

Enjoy the stately majesty of times past in a luxurious castle. Located in central Ohio, deep in the heartland of Mohican country and Loudonville, Ohio, the estate offers unprecedented luxury in its lodging and seclusion.

The castle then came under the control of the Bishop of Durham, Walcher, who purchased the earldom and thus became the first of the Prince-Bishops of Durham, a title that was to remain until the 19th century, and was to give Durham a unique status in England.

Archaeological evidence suggests that an Anglo-Saxon defensive structure predated the Norman Castle. This was not unusual, and in fact was the case in Dover, London, Exeter, Hastings, Winchester, and Pevensey, where castles were constructed after the Norman Conquest. 041b061a72


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