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Allow Once _VERIFIED_

Moderating the quiz lets you allow extra attempts for individual students as well as multiple students at once. This option also allows you to grant extra attempts for students who have not yet taken the quiz. For timed quizzes, you can grant extra time for an attempt. If your quiz options allow students to view results only once after each attempt, you can also let students view quiz results one more time.

Allow once

Note: If the Only Once option is selected and students have also been granted an extra attempt on the quiz, students will be able to view the results before they take the quiz, as well as after they complete the quiz. If students are allowed multiple attempts on a quiz, you may want to edit the quiz and select the Allow Multiple Attempts option, which gives an option to let students see their quiz responses only after the last attempt.

I am looking to setup an automation that will basically turn on my tv (with a google tv) attached and open an iptv app linked to my tv tuner (which will start a channel). The trigger is a hue motion sensor. I have the automation working but i only want this to run in the morning only when i go into my kitchen before work. Whats the best way to only allow this automation run once a day?

I set a trigger to advance to next slide once audio completes. I also set the slide properties to advance slide by user but when previewing it still advances the slide automatically. How can I stop a user from advancing until the audio is over but i want the user to have to click the next button once the audio has complete.

If you set a trigger to advance to the next slide once the audio completes, the expected behavior would be just about the same as if you had this slide set to automatically advance. Your learners would not be required to interact with anything in order to advance. When slide advance is set to "Automatically", a trigger Jump to next slide when the timeline ends is automatically added to your triggers panel. In your case, this trigger is only altered by "when the audio completes" (no user interaction required).

At the WWDC19 keynote Apple announced two changes in the way location permissions will work in iOS 13. The first change gives users the option to share their location with your app just once. This makes it easier to try out location features and helps users keep sensitive location data private.

Thanks for the feedback, Gerardo! We're assessing various options to address this issue, and I understand it can be painful to manually change many triggers with the same conditions. I'm curious whether these triggers that reference the same condition share any other conditions, as well? We're considering either 1) creating more flexible logic (so perhaps you could combine triggers) or 2) allowing you to reference 'blocks' of conditions and only need to change them once - I'm wondering if either of both of these would address the specific issue you're experiencing. Please also note that right now, these are just concepts - we are not actively working to implement them, so your feedback at this point is very helpful to us in scoping and prioritizing. Thanks again for sharing!

The popular clothing brand, available to promotional products distributors through supplier Driving Impressions (asi/50864), will allow co-branding on locations that include the back yoke and the sleeve of its garments, according to an email Driving Impressions sent to customers last week.

I understand why they do that and appreciate it - but would like the option to override just for specific flows so I have control. These are typically triggered by segments that are based on hidden profile properties passed through forms. I swear when I started using the platform 6 or 7 years ago it had a subscribed to list metric (that I believe triggered more than once) but at some point that was taken away.

DMV provides hearing interpreter services by coordinating with hearing interpreter services. To provide these services and meet your request, please allow at least two weeks when scheduling your appointment date.

To configure the content types to allow for Only One content per language, visit the 'Only One' page (admin/config/content/onlyone), in the Available content types for Only One section check the content types that should have Only One content per language. For this you need the Administer Only One permission.

Some popular Penn-affiliated websites requiring pop-ups include U@Penn and the Penn Online Directory.Follow the instructions below to configure your web browser to allow pop-up windows for your selected websites.

Note: If you have installed third party applications to block pop-ups (examples include the Google, MSN, and Yahoo! toolbars), be sure to consult the vendor documentation to allow pop-up windows for desired websites.

Note: If you are concerned about allowing pop-ups globally for all websites that you browse, consider using another web browser that allows website exceptions such as Chrome or Firefox.

When a website attempts to launch a new pop-up window, you may see dialog boxes alerting you of pop-up windows that have been blocked. Follow the instructions below to allow pop-up windows on a per-website basis.

No. Please email your USERNAME to from the email address you used to register your account. You will receive an email response within 24 hours during regular business hours, M-F, 8am-5pm. Please allow for the next business day if you submit your request after 5pm on Fridays.

Disney does not understand kids . Kids are obsessed with rides they like and want to ride them over and over. The old Fastpass system allowed to rebook a Fastpass while in line so we could ride the ride multiple times in a row this new system seems so much more limited.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp has released a new version of its view once media viewer with built-in screenshot blocking for selected beta users. Like on Google Pay and other apps, when you try to take a screenshot of a self-destructing media on the latest WhatsApp beta, a toast message will appear saying, "Can't take screenshot due to security policy." Using a third-party app or extension to bypass this security limitation won't work either. You will end up with a black screenshot. Similarly, you cannot record the screen while opening a view once media. Unlike on Snapchat though, WhatsApp does not inform the sender of the media that the recipient tried to take a screenshot.

Despite WhatsApp testing these new privacy measures for self-destructing media, remember that it is always possible for the recipient to use a secondary phone to click a photo or record a video of the view once content.

A genetic mutation or physiological change in the butterflies is unlikely, Hill said, rather it appears that warmer temperatures simply allowed them to incorporate a new host plant. (The butterflies have continued using rockroses).

For the first time in years, a state has acted to allow its citizens to purchase prescription drugs by mail from other countries. The idea is to take advantage of those nations' lower prices, which can be half the cost of those at American pharmacies.

But Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius may have a bit of a conflict on this issue. Back in 2004, as governor of Kansas, she participated in one of the efforts to allow residents of her state purchase drugs from Canada and Europe.

A: The Authenticator app collects your GPS information to determine what country you are located in. The country name and location coordinates are sent back to the system to determine if you are allowed to access the protected resource. The country name is stored and reported back to your IT admin, but your actual coordinates are never saved or stored on Microsoft servers.

A: Beginning with release 6.2003.1704 of Authenticator Android, by default all OTP codes are hidden anytime a screenshot of Authenticator is taken. If you want to see your OTP codes in screenshots or allow other apps to capture the Authenticator screen, you can. Just turn on the Screen Capture setting in Authenticator and restart the app.

A: You can set up notifications for your work or school account (if allowed by your administrator) or for your personal Microsoft account. Notifications won't work for third-party accounts, like Google or Facebook.

Location. Sometimes your organization wants to know your location before allowing you to access certain resources. The app will request this permission only if your organization has a policy requiring location.

Use fingerprint hardware. Some work and school accounts require an additional PIN whenever you verify your identity. To make the process easier, we allow you to use your fingerprint instead of entering the PIN.

A: This most-likely happens because your sign-in and your mail app are occurring across two different apps, causing the initial background sign-in process to stop working and to fail. To try to fix this, we recommend you select the Safari icon on the bottom right side of the screen while signing in to your mail app. By moving to Safari, the whole sign-in process happens in a single app, allowing you to sign in to the app successfully.

A: Yes, Autofill for your personal Microsoft accounts now works for most enterprise users even when a work or school account is added to the Authenticator app. You can fill out a form to allow or deny Autofill for your organization and send it to the Authenticator team. Autofill is not currently available for work or school accounts. 041b061a72


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