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Alan Wake V1.06 Patch

Alan Wake V1.06 Patch: A Must-Have Update for Fans of the Thriller Game

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller game that follows the story of a best-selling writer who searches for his missing wife in a small town plagued by a dark presence. The game was released in 2012 for PC and received critical acclaim for its story, atmosphere and gameplay.

Alan Wake V1.06 Patch

However, some players may have encountered some issues or bugs while playing the game, such as crashes, performance drops, graphical glitches or corrupted save files. Fortunately, the developers at Remedy Entertainment have released several patches to fix these problems and improve the game experience.

The latest patch, version 1.06, is a universal update that applies to all versions of the game, including the GOG and Steam editions. This patch adds a new "Very Low" graphics setting for lower performance GPUs, a grass draw distance slider, and fixes several bugs and crashes.

How to Install Alan Wake V1.06 Patch

If you have bought the game from GOG or Steam, you should receive the patch automatically through the respective platforms. However, if you have a physical copy of the game or downloaded it from another source, you may need to manually install the patch.

To do so, you can download the patch file from the official Remedy forums or from other trusted websites. The patch file size is about 27 MB and it comes in a .zip format. You will need to extract the file and run the .exe file to install the patch.

Before installing the patch, make sure you have backed up your save files in case something goes wrong. You can find your save files in the Documents/Remedy folder. The patch may change the save folder name from Alan Wake_GOG_Version to Alan Wake, so you may need to copy your save files to the new folder after installing the patch.

What's New in Alan Wake V1.06 Patch

The patch notes for version 1.06 are as follows:

  • Added a Very Low graphics setting to enable the game to run on lower performance GPUs. This disables MSAA and grass (thats dependent on it) and disables fading between LOD levels.

  • Added grass draw distance slider - note that the HIGH setting now uses more computer performance.

  • Fixed Alt+Tab crash on some systems.

  • Fixed a very rare startup crash.

  • Fixes some cases where the game started to main menu but users could not select any menu entries. This was caused by the keybinds.xml being corrupted.

  • Fixed some cases of handling custom My Documents paths where game could crash if that was mapped to the root of a drive.

  • Fixed the minor DLC1 black cubes in the mirror graphical glitch.

Why You Should Get Alan Wake V1.06 Patch

If you are a fan of Alan Wake or want to try out this amazing game, you should definitely get the latest patch to enjoy it fully. The patch will enhance your game performance, stability and graphics quality, as well as fix some annoying bugs and glitches.

The patch will also make the game more accessible for players with lower-end PCs, as they can now adjust the graphics settings to suit their hardware capabilities. The patch will not affect your game progress or achievements, so you can continue your adventure without any worries.

Alan Wake V1.06 Patch is a must-have update for anyone who loves this thrilling game and wants to experience it in the best possible way. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the dark and mysterious world of Alan Wake! 6c859133af


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