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When the girl had switched on the lights of the two-branched chandelierover the dining table she beckoned to her companion, who noiselesslyfollowed her from the dark corridor into the room. There, with onesweeping glance at the dull red walls, the oil-painted landscapes insprawling gilt frames, the heavy plush curtains, the furniture with its"saddle-bag" upholstery, the common Turkish carpet, and the mantel mirrorwith tasteless, tasselled draperies, "Nelson Smith" seemed to comprehendthe deadly "stuffiness" of Annesley Grayle's existence.

Annesley admired his cleverness in touching the goal; but somehow thesesmart hits disturbed rather than amused her. Knight's complexity was apuzzle to her. She could not understand, despite his explanations, whythese fireworks of dexterity were worth while. Knight was a brave figureof romance. She did not want her hero turned into an intriguer, no matterhow innocent his motive.

"But I've only heard all that," Knight hastened to explain. "I've beentoo busy till lately to know at first hand what goes on in the 'smart' orthe artistic set. My world doesn't take much interest in crystal-gazersand palmists, amateur or professional, even when they happen to behandsome women, like the Countess. But I ran against her again on boardthe Monarchic about a month ago, crossing to this side, and we pickedup threads of old acquaintance. She was staying at the Savoy when I leftLondon."

As Knight had said, she seemed to take her clairvoyant power seriously,and insisted that she could do herself justice only in a room arranged ina certain way. In the afternoon she directed that the furniture should beremoved with the exception of one small table and two chairs. Even thepictures had to be taken down, and under the Countess's supervisionpurple velvet draperies had to be put up, covering the walls and window.These draperies she had brought with her, and they had curtain ringssewn on at the upper edge, which could be attached to picture hooks ornails.

She worked to gain favour, and when she had any personal triumph withoutdirect aid from Portman Square, she put on an air of superiority overAnnesley when they met. If she suffered a gentle snub, she hid the smart,but secretly brooded, blaming Mrs. Nelson Smith because she was asked totheir house only for big parties, or when she was wanted to amuse theirfriends.

"I didn't expect you three so soon," said Knight, calmly. "If I'd knownyou had a curiosity to see Bluebeard's Chamber, I'd have had it smartenedup. As it is, I shouldn't dare let you peep. You, the mistress of thehouse before we took it over, would be critical of the state I delightto keep it in. Untidiness is my one fault!"

Annesley felt that Ruthven Smith was, in a way, her special guest, andshe was anxious that he should not be the failure Knight had prophesied.She wanted him not to regret that he had flung himself on the tendermercies of this smart house party, and almost equally she wanted his twoneighbours not to be bored by him. Knight would hate that. He attached somuch importance to amusing the people whom he invited!

"Some had to go toward improvements on the place before I could let theranch to any one, but there's about six thousand dollars left, I guess.The fellow I let to wrote me a few weeks ago that he was tired ofranching and wanted to clear out. He hoped I could find someone to buyhis cattle and the furniture he's put in the house. The letter wasforwarded by a man I keep in touch with my business and whereabouts, sohe can look after my interests. I've had no time to answer yet.

It had all added zest to the work. And Knight had been pleased with somesmall inventions of his own, praised by Van Vreck: a smart hiding-placein the heel of a boot, almost impossible to detect, and another equallyconvenient and invisible in the jet standard of Madalena de Santiago'sfamous crystal. He had enjoyed the excitement when he and Madalena andtheir two assistants, among the other passengers on board ship, hadconsented to be searched for the missing jewels. And he had laughedsneeringly at the credulity of those who believed in Madalena'strumped-up vision "of the small fair man," the lighted life-preserverdropped into the sea at night, and the yacht which sent out a boat topick it up.

Inside the house there was little furniture, and what there was struckAnnesley as hideous. Nothing was whole. Everything was falling to pieces.Illustrations cut out of newspapers were pasted on the dirty, whitewashedwalls.

If things had been well between them, the man's anxiety to please herwould have been adorable to Annesley. As soon as he saw the deficienciesof the house, he went himself to El Paso to choose furniture and prettysimple chintzes, old-fashioned china and delicate glass, bedroom andtable damask. He ordered books also, and subscribed for magazines andpapers. 041b061a72


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